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“We've been using QXC Communications for about a month now, and we could not be happier. The speed is over three times faster than our old DSL connection. The service was installed in a couple of hours and they were there to answer all of our questions.”

- Chad, Warehouse Goods Business



"Our voice and business apps depend on reliable, scalable and secure bandwidth. QXC has exceeded our expectations. From quick deployment to first response in a power outage. And should our needs increase, its great to know it’s only a phone call away!"

- Steve, Internet Broadband Consultant



“In today’s service industry finding companies that stand behind their products and not hiding behind the corporate veil is almost impossible. I have to be honest with you, I was not initially impressed with what was being offered and not expecting big results today.

That changed around 10:00 a.m. when Kurt came down from the 30 ft. ladder and introduced himself. After a firm handshake and a brief introduction, we sat down to discuss your product. Setting the stage…. I protect my client’s interests with being direct and to the point when technical issues arise as I know when someone’s blowing smoke.

The conversation continued with Jerome, Kurt and myself. I took the lead and went directly to my experience with radio technology and the local WISP environment. I went directly to an in-depth full technical conversation. Kurt was a professional; he sat; listened; and, when it was his turn he simply said “ do you want to see what we are doing?” We then went out to his truck as he took the lead in the conversation.

Precise and direct answers followed each of my questions. His honesty, knowledge, confidence, respect and politeness, instantly told me he had a military background. Being in the Army myself an instant trust was established. Continuing the conversation he invited me to put this service to any test and offered to put any line of your equipment up there to run tests. Simply put …. run it through anything you want!!!

Later in the day the CEO called me and as we spoke I soon realized his vision of what his company should represent was a model of what other companies should seek to achieve. Simply offer a product that works, provide it in a timely manner and stand behind it.

It’s such a simple approach but in today’s world of greed and deception it is nice to meet people who just get it.

I look forward to working with your company building a long-term successful relationship.”

- Keith, Internet Broadband Consultant